Presentation: Paid Search 101

Google AdWords logoPaid Search 101. Hunh, good god. What is it good for?

Actually, quite a bit, if you know what you’re doing.

On May 14, 2014, at Detroit Regional Chamber on their glorious 19th floor, I was given the opportunity to give a paid search 101 presentation to Detroit’s Social Media Club chapter.

It is crazy for me to ponder how excited I was to give this presentation. Teaching has become a surprising passion of mine. The old me, who was an egotistical maggot, would never considered teaching anything. I definitely would not have thought I would teach about paid search.

Who Needs Paid Search 101?

There was a crowd of twelve eager-to-learn people. Most of them seemed to have come straight from work. To those people, I say “salute” to you. You know who you are: Robin of Detroit Employment Solutions, Billy and Dmitri of Social Coop Media, Joanna of Detroit Regional Chamber, Stephen of Batch Brewing and Grey Label Group, Gary and Taylor of Rock Connections, Debbie, Erik of iProspect, Mike of The Yaffe Group, and Brandi and Imani.

My main takeaway was there is strong interest – at least with small business owners – in paid search. There was a lot of interest in understanding how things worked in Google AdWords. I took that to heart and look to provide more of that detail in a future paid search 102 presentation.

In all my presentations, I look to refine them for future use. I am going to be giving this presentation again at Macomb – Oakland University INCubator in June. A few things I plan to add:

  • An explanation of what motivates Google to operate its advertising platform the way it does
  • An actual visual of an actual AdWords account
  • Adding “Bids” and “Location” to the “Basic Elements” slide

Here is what I shared on Wednesday, May 14th:

Paid Search for Business 101 from Hubert Sawyers III

If you took the time to review my slides, you will notice an offer I made during my paid search 101 presentation. For a limited time, I am offering Google AdWords account reviews for free. You are under no obligation to commission my services afterwards. All I ask is that you fill out the form.

Paid Search for Business 101 Podcast

Thanks goes to Billy Strawter Jr, Joanna Duweuke, and Mike McClure for making it a most enjoyable experience. After my talk, I participated in a post-presentation podcast, artfully directed by Billy. Thanks for breaking my podcast cherry, BJ!

Give the podcast a listen. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t make me grimace. WIN!

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